OGL TELECOMS was born from the expertise of its founder in telecommunications, making it the primary sector of activity within the OGL group. With its main entity, TELSIG, OGL TELECOMS assists and supports telecoms regulatory authorities in Africa.

Telecommunications: an economy in constant revolution

ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) and telecommunications bring together very different professions. OGL TELECOMS operates in telecommunications, both at the level of engineering and traffic management but also, in the management of the digital economy.

In addition, with TELSIG, OGL TELECOMS positions itself as an organization with a high level of expertise in the regulatory field in Africa. Today, the company advises, among others, the governments of Congo-Brazzaville, the Central African Republic , Benin and Gabon. TELSIG’s engineers activities are numerous; among them: clearing houses for interconnections, traffic measurement and billing, revenue insurance and  fraud management.

Regulations in interconnected environments: international expertise

After launching and running a pan-African magazine (Réseau Telecoms) for nearly 15 years, and creating and hosting an international event (Africa Telecom People) for 13 years, Oswald Louéké founded TELSIG in 2010.

The company quickly became the cornerstone of the Group.  Although this company specializing in regulation within interconnected environments has a global vocation, it mainly assists African governments in the fight against fraud and the management of incoming and outgoing traffic and intervenes globally in the management of digital economies. In association with various experts, it supports national telecommunications regulatory authorities. The partnerships it establishes are based on the provision of technological tools and their maintenance. The TELSIG team is proud to help its clients by offering them regulatory instruments for their respective markets.