Through OGL PROPERTIES, the OGL group invests in the real estate sector. While its first operations were carried out in the Republic of Mauritius, Ivory Coast and France, its projects are expanding and diversifying into real estate development, rental and construction.

Real estate investment: security and development

If real estate is reputed to be a safe bet in the world of investment, it is also a sector in which all profiles of investors invest in.

By stimulating real estate dynamism, economies consolidate and diversify, businesses thrive and new activities emerge. This is why OGL PROPERTIES was founded, consolidating the OGL group and giving it the opportunity to operate not only in Africa, but also in other continents. This cluster of the OGL group is made up of the real estate companies ACAJOU, CHOCOLAT and PAUL CAREEN & IDY, respectively specializing in the sale, rental management and development of real estate projects.

A diversified real estate activity

Through OGL PROPERTIES, the OGL group is gradually growing its real estate portfolio. While the company made a first investment for rental in 2015 in the Republic of Mauritius before acquiring properties in France and carrying out other operations in Ivory Coast and Benin, the projects are now numerous, mainly on the African continent.

With ACAJOU, CHOCOLAT and PAULE CAREEN & IDY, OGL PROPERTIES aims to diversify its investments in the real estate sector - tourism also representing a prime centre of interest. By acting on several fronts, OGL PROPERTIES broadens the field of possibilities. 

Tourism, a promising market

With PAUL CAREEN & IDY, OGL Properties has chosen to invest in tourism, a sector which is currently booming . Several real estate programs are underway or in the pipeline, more specifically in Africa.