With its investment in the banking sector through OGL PARTICIPATIONS, the OGL group is benefitting the economy at large. And if it is today mainly present in Africa with its agro-industrial activity, it leaves itself the possibility of opening to other regions of the world and other sectors, as well.

Banking, Agribusiness and Textiles Manufacturing

In 2014, Oswald Louéké acquired a stake in BGFIBANK, a leading financial institution in Central Africa.

He has been a member of the board of directors of its Beninese branch since that same year and was appointed chairperson in 2019. 

The agro-industrial example

In Ivory Coast, NOVAREA SA and its cashew nut processing unit is a good example of OGL PARTICIPATIONS’ risk appetite.

Ivory Coast is the leading producer of cashew nuts in the world. Until now, it was only about trading; but recently, the country has decided to encourage processing. Objective: locally transform 50% of production.

With the contribution of institutional actors, such as the World Bank and the IMF, and in the company of its local partners, OGL PARTICIPATIONS organized fundraising intended to consolidate the activities of the NOVAREA SA factory, located in the industrial zone of Yamoussoukro. And now, in addition to the production unit which packages the finished product, another unit manufactures CNSL from raw walnut shells, an oil very popular in cosmetics or aeronautics.

Textiles Manufacturing - Cotton from Benin

Benin is now Africa's leading cotton producer, producing 587,000 tons a year. Benin's leading economic sector, cotton supports around 50% of the population.The sector also accounts for 45% of the country's tax revenues.

From its position as Africa's fourth-largest cotton producer in 2016, Benin has, with a few adjustments, managed to become Africa's leading producer of the white gold. Processing cotton fibre remains one of the major challenges, with a view to adding more value for local consumption and maintaining the high level of exports that generate 40% of the country's foreign exchange earnings and 13% of its gross domestic product.

Novarea Textiles Benin is proud to be one of the first garment manufacturing incubation centres in the Textile Park of the Glo-Djigbe Industrial Zone in Benin, a world-class industrial zone, mainly focused on the agro-industry, textile and cotton processing sectors.

The aim of the Programme is to identify, orientate, motivate, train and support local entrepreneurs in Benin and provide them with an environment with the potential to launch and develop businesses, such as Novarea Textiles Benin, that involve innovation, sustainability and relevant technologies.